According to Greek mythology, humanity was created from clay by Prometheus.

Initially, the world was full of human suffering, and was filled with people who knew only cold and hunger, in a constant state of struggle.

Against Zeus’ will, Prometheus moved in desperation and stole the sacred fire of the gods, liberating humanity from the darkness and giving us the ability to sustain ourselves on the planet.

The fire freed humanity from fear and led to progress,

as it was knowledge, but it primarily acted as a catalyst for how we could survive and flourish, creating civilisation itself.

Nowadays, the issues we face are abundant – climate change, global warming, air contamination and deforestation.

For Prometheus, his sacrifice earned him eternal punishment due to his compassion.

For us, however, the sacrifice is far more minimal but equally impactful.

What are we doing about it?

The 1% for the Planet charity was conceptualised around a simple idea: because companies profit from the resources that they take and utilise from the earth, they should also protect these resources.

$265 million has already been given back to environmental nonprofits since 2002 as part of the 1% of the Planet network, and Zeus Luxury is committed to providing 1% of our total annual profits to the organisation, too.

In 2019 alone, 40.62% of the contributions given to 1% for the Planet went towards climate-related endeavours.

Why does it matter?

The environment has always played a strong role in mythology and the way we view the world, for good reason, but it has arguably never been more important.

The ancient Greeks believed that the first winter on earth was brought about by the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades, as Persephone represented nature and renewal.

Her mother, Demeter, caused the earth to become barren through her neglect, manifesting the winter season as a reflection of her grief and suffering during Persephone’s absence and subjecting the world to famine.

Interpreted often as symbolic of the way compassion and sacrifice has led to changes in the way the environment changes and sustains itself, both Demeter and Prometheus have a strong influence and connection to the way we perceive our own influence on the planet.

It’s the reason why we committed to 1% of the Planet, because we know that our actions have a strong effect on the planet, so we should influence our actions positively and make a change where it counts.

You can be certain that every time you interact with, purchase from and recommend Zeus Luxury that we are dedicated to positive change for the environment – which means every time you interact with us, you are as well.

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