Homage is defined as ‘respect or reverence paid or rendered’.

At Zeus Luxury, our designers work tirelessly with our creative team to do just that – produce a gorgeous dual line-up of creative designs not yet seen before on the market, and unique homage luxury timepieces.

The choice is yours, but why choose Zeus for your first luxury watch? And what is a homage piece?

What is a homage watch?

A homage watch is generally through to be a timepiece that pays respect to another timepiece by using elements of its design or style.

With the emergence of luxury watches, a watch is not only a valuable accessory in functionality, but also for social status, usually due to outrageous price tags that are only affordable to a minority of the population.

Luxury brands such as Rolex, Hublot, Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piguet sell extremely expensive watches that can sometimes be priced at over £10,000 each! Only a handful of individuals are able to own watches at that price point, offering an elite exclusivity.

In an effort to make these timepieces more affordable and accessible to our customers, Zeus has created a line-up of distinctive watches that take inspiration from authentic luxury timepieces, old and new.

Zeus then gives them a new lease of life with an affordable price tag – because luxury shouldn’t break the bank.

Why choose a Zeus Luxury homage piece?


All Zeus timepieces are priced for accessibility, reaching those who want luxury at a price that doesn’t hurt, without compromising on reliability or quality.


A Zeus timepiece is as equally beautiful and distinctive as any £10,000 luxury watch, with the added benefit of not paying a fortune for it.

In fact, many Zeus Luxury customers say they have had more compliments on their Zeus piece than their higher priced luxury counterparts!


You don’t have to be on edge about every bump and movement with our watches, as they’ve been rigorously tested and undergone strict control standards before they go on sale.

Unlike the eye-watering costs on repairs for standard luxury watches, which only increase for vintage and ultra-rare collectibles, Zeus pieces are built to be robust.

We regularly send loyal customers discount codes so that they can expand their collection with new styles and colours.


The Japanese Miyota circuit (Quartz) movements that are powered by cutting-edge modern technology make Zeus watches not only high-performance, but also reliable – providing the luxury of time.

Why not browse our collection now and begin forging your legacy?

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