You want to make your first luxury watch purchase, but don’t know where to start.

It’s certainly an expensive investment, requiring some knowledge in order to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, and that you’re satisfied with the end result.

Whichever model, style and features you pick, it’s usually a matter of personal taste, preference and style – but we can give you a few tips on getting started!

Consider your style

Though many would consider budget the most important aspect of a luxury watch, style is often just as important.

You know that luxury watches are an investment, and hence, expensive, depending on the price range you’re looking at.

But what is more essential in finding a timepiece that truly feels suited to you is whether it fits your own personal style.

If you prefer classic, simple and modern, you’ll likely love a steel luxury watch, with a classic butterfly bracelet and a minimalist sunray dial.

For those looking for something with extra features and a bolder design, sports watches can be the way to go.

Omega tends to be a popular option for dive watches, with numbered bezels being a key feature, like our Apollo model

Get to grips with movement

Historically, luxury watches tend to be associated with mechanical movement, rather than quartz (battery powered).

This was due to an appreciation of the engineering and design ability it took to create mechanical watches, making them more coveted.

There is also manual versus automatic to consider, with manual watches requiring wearers to wind the crown to power the mainspring, and automatic winding the spring through the movement of the wearer’s wrist.

However, many expensive brands utilise movements such as ETA, Miyota and Selita – our Athena model uses a Miyota 2115 movement, which is dependable and elegant!

Again, this comes down to preference and personal taste as much as it does practicality.

Think about purpose

Whilst our blog post on 3 Things to Look For in a Luxury Watch covered specific features to keep an eye out for, when it comes to your first luxury watch purchase, it’s mostly dependant on what you want it for.

Are you looking for a watch for everyday wear, in which case, durability is the most important factor?

Or are you more interested in functions, features and accuracy?

For many people, a luxury watch will be a status symbol and a fashion accessory above all else – in which case, aesthetic takes precedence over function.

Once you think about the reasoning behind purchasing a luxury watch, you’ll start to recognise the features you’ll want as a result!

Though referring to purchasing a luxury watch as an investment may seem overdone, it is true in the sense that luxury watches are meant, and built, to last.

This is why timepieces are often a legacy item, being passed down in families!

If you’d like to choose a watch to accompany you for every journey you take as you forge your own legacy, why not take a look at our models to find the style that suits you? 

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