Loved by presidents, actors, and singers alike, luxury watches are a coveted item in popular culture.

Nothing quite catches the attention like a luxury timepiece, and once it’s on the wrist of a pop culture figure, they can gain a cult following and come to define a brand.

Here’s our rundown of some of the most iconic watches in popular culture, and what makes them so timeless.

  1. James Bond – Rolex Submariner

How could we begin with anyone but cinema’s iconic secret agent?

Author Ian Fleming once said, “a gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Savile Row suit.”

For Fleming, that meant James Bond had to have a Rolex, with the Rolex Submariner 6538 making its first appearance in Dr. No in 1962 and continuing to stay on his wrist for four films, with only the straps changing.

What makes it so timeless?

Beyond the fact Rolex was associated with the cinematic character before the shift towards Omega models, there are a few features that stand out and make the Rolex Submariner a classic.

The screw-down crown that earned the model its ‘Big Crown’ nickname is something coveted by collectors, alongside the recognisable red triangle on the bezel.

A key feature of our Apollo model is the numbered bezel – reminiscent of many dive watches, whereby the bezel was traditionally used to track time underwater.

  1. Buzz Aldrin – Omega Speedmaster

Few timepieces are tied to such mammoth achievements, and the Omega Speedmaster Professional is one of them.

From the moment it was on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist back in 1969, the Omega Speedmaster hit mainstream attention, and it’s remained a classic since for its timeless, classic design.

What makes it so timeless?

Beyond being a part of six lunar missions, the small seconds sub-dial and central chronograph hand make the Speedmaster truly stand out against a black bezel featuring a tachymetric scale – alongside the manual winding movement, of course!

Fun fact? It’s also one of the few watches that has been flight qualified by Nasa.

  1. Grace Kelly – Rolex Lady-DateJust

Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, was always known for her effortless style and glamour, which is likely why she found the Rolex Lady-Datejust to be an ideal accessory.

Introduced in 1957, the women’s version of the men’s, ‘sporty’ watch was far more elegant, yet still paid homage to the brand’s original. 

It’s still one of the most coveted women’s watches on the market.

What makes it so timeless?

The iconic yellow gold of the Lady-Datejust is immediately recognisable, alongside the fluted bezel, cyclops lens over the date, and jubilee bracelet.

It all comes together as a classy, stylish timepiece – our Athena model is designed to emulate a similar, effortless style, with a non-rotating fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet, available in a feminine rose gold or classic silver.

 Luxury watches have always been a staple in popular culture, and for good reason – beyond the visual appeal, timepieces can indicate a lot about a person’s preferences and appreciation for the finer things in life.

We’re certain we could fill pages of iconic watches, but the three above are great examples of the sheer variety of luxury watches out there, and the vastly different preferences that make them timeless across generations.

At Zeus Luxury, our inspiration comes from iconic luxury watches and a love for Greek architecture and mythology – so if you’re looking for strong, contemporary pieces that leave a bold impression, why not take a look at our collection?

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