Buying a luxury watch should be an experience of anticipation and a moment of great value, because it showcases a significant investment and an emphasis on expert craftsmanship.

There’s a reason luxury watches haven’t gone out of fashion since their inception, and it’s because they remain fashionable and more accessible than ever!

Luxury watches are meant to bring you satisfaction, and also provide certainty that you are, indeed, getting what you pay for.

So how do you know what things to look for in a luxury watch?

Let us help (with some examples)!

  1. Not all movements are equal

Generally, you can split luxury watches into those that use mechanical movements, or those that use quartz movements.

Mechanical movement simply refers to all of the components of the watch working together, usually by receiving energy from a wound spring within the movement.

Contrastingly, a quartz watch is battery-powered, sending electrical currents through a small piece of quartz crystal.

Though people may tend to associate luxury watches with mechanical movements, quartz can be of high quality and is easier to service.

Whilst an automatic Chinese movement can sometimes cause issues with the quality of the pallet fork, escape wheel and bearings, combined with the bulkiness in design, other quartz options such as Miyota movements are more luxurious.

For example, our Ares model uses a Japanese Miyota 2115 movement because of its durability, dependability and elegance – it’s a quality quartz watch at a fair price!

  1. Face the facts

Few elements of a watch are quite as important to the aesthetic as the face.

You should look out for terms such as anti-reflective coating, scratchproof, crystal glass and luminescence.

When it comes to the longevity and style of a watch face, sapphire crystal glass will last longer than acrylic, as it is more scratchproof and therefore better at protecting the dial.

Luminescence is another common feature, in order to consult your watch in darker environments, usually for hands and dial markers.

Our Athena model has a sapphire crystal face, with luminous hands and dial markers, as it is a smaller and slimmer design built for longevity.

  1. Pay attention to the fit

If you’re going to invest in a luxury watch, you want to make sure it fits perfectly, which means you have to think about what kind of style would suit you most.

For someone of a bigger build, a larger dial and bold watch face may be better, whereas someone of a smaller build may seek out a more elegant strap and a dial size of around 30mm.

It does come down to preference, but materials and functionality do matter here as well – butterfly clasps are ideal for those seeking a more minimalist option, whereas buckle clasps offer a convenient and familiar choice.

For us, our Apollo blue model is a prime example of rounding off a bold piece to add a sense of harmony, as it utilises a butterfly invisible double expansion bracelet, making it durable and striking.

Purchasing a luxury watch is a significant investment, and offers the opportunity to showcase your style and personality – you might even pass your timepiece on to a loved one!

We hope that we’ve given you a great starting point in your journey to find the best luxury watch for you, as your timepiece should provide armour for every journey you take as you forge your own legacy. Why not take a look at some of our models to find a style that suits your traits the most?

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