Buying a luxury watch is an investment, so it’s no surprise as to why people want to know exactly why they should spend money on one.

There’s much more to a luxury watch than just telling the time, which is why the luxury timepiece market continues to thrive, and luxury watches are still seen as a staple accessory no matter your age.

So, why should you buy a luxury watch?

Value and compatibility 

The value a luxury watch can bring is part of the appeal in buying one.

Acting as a functional accessory, a luxury watch is the perfect way to gain value in a number of ways, such as acting as a status symbol, an investment to make money through selling, and being a representation of you as a person.

Many of the iconic luxury watches are instantly recognisable because we place such high value on them, so being able to have one on your wrist is a boost of confidence.

Additionally, you’ll likely have a particular reason you’re drawn to a specific watch model – our luxury watches, for example, are made with specific traits in mind with mythology as inspiration.

Our Ares model embodies courage, strength and resilience, and is perfect for those who enjoy a traditional and minimalist aesthetic.

It’s all about how you want to feel when you put a luxury watch on your wrist!

It can symbolise achievement

Owning a luxury watch can be a common aspiration, bought as a way to commemorate and celebrate a number of achievements.

Better yet, a luxury watch can also be a gift passed through generations in your family for special occasions, given that they are built to last.

From celebrating marriage to a new career, or even simply having the ambition to own a luxury watch, milestones can be marked with a luxury watch and bring a sense of pride and joy.

The longevity of luxury watches means that you will have something that always has sentimental value that is also always in style, with a dependability that means you can begin passing it down as a gift from generation to generation.

And the achievements continue!


You could get a smartwatch.

But a smartwatch isn’t necessarily built to last, nor is it manufactured with individuality and expert craftsmanship – it’s simply a temporary accessory.

A luxury timepiece is made with an attention to detail, but more importantly, with passion.

Our Athena model has a prestige ceramic dial with hand-applied silk printed and polished markers, covered with a sapphire crystal face – it’s crafted with care, passion and intention for those who want to have luxury on their wrist as they forge their own legacy. 

It won’t just be you admiring the craftsmanship either, which makes it a very worthy investment.

Luxury watches can be a legacy item, a status symbol, a fashion accessory, a functional companion, and everything in-between.

With all of the uses for and value of a luxury watch, it’s really up to you what you intend to get from it!Take a look at our luxury watch models to see which style suits you best so that you can begin your journey into luxury watch ownership today?


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