Given our name, it’s no surprise that Zeus Luxury is inspired by the glorious Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece, forged from a love for Greek architecture and mythology.

The enduring impression that Greek mythology has had on cultures across the world for generations is the same impression our timepieces are built to emulate, carried by the stories that inspired their creation and so much of the world around us.

You may be wondering, then, how Greek Mythology has inspired Zeus Luxury’s signature style in more ways than one…

Power and strength

The legacy of Greek mythology is so timeless because the power and strength of Greek Gods and Goddesses continue to captivate and inspire us in equal measure.

It is for this very reason that our timepieces are named after enduring symbols of strength, beauty, intelligence and confidence, because these are traits we can all aspire to have:

Apollo represents arts, healing and knowledge, a more expressive and creative confidence.

Ares is symbolic of traditional strength, courage and valour for those who wish to carry resilience on their wrist.

Athena is a symbol of freedom and protection, considered a protectress of various Greek cities and the perfect guardian.

Aphrodite has always represented beauty in all forms, combining classic elegance and aesthetic.

The timepiece you choose can be indicative of the strengths you wish to have, or those you have in abundance, so you can emulate these traits everywhere you go – forging your own legacy.


In Greek mythology, there are three goddesses that weave the fate of humans and gods alike; Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

Spinning the thread of life itself, the youngest sister Clotho is the origin of life itself and her thread is spun the second a person is born into the world.

The second sister, Lachesis, allocates fate from an endless list of possibilities, determining the length and nature of the thread of life.

Atropos, the last sister, is the cutter of the thread of life, symbolising the end of one’s journey with the shears she uses.

We believe strongly in forging your own identity and legacy when you wear one of our pieces – guided along by the hands of fate and the sisters as you go.


The first of the flagship women’s watches, named after our founder’s mother, Athena, holds a special kind of symbolism.

A fierce warrior but also an embodiment of wisdom and rational thought, Athena guided many of the heroic endeavours portrayed in a variety of media.

Assisting Perseus in his quest to kill Medusa, who would turn any man looking directly at her into stone, Athena provided Perseus with her polished shield so he could see Medusa’s reflection and guided his hand as Perseus cut off Medusa’s head with his sword.

Athena also assisted Hercules when he was required to drive away Stymphalian birds, getting them to move so that Hercules could shoot them as part of his penance.

It is this combination of wisdom and strength that inspired our Athena watch, the perfect companion to those with more adventure in their lives that could use steady guidance.


Of all valued qualities, trust reigns supreme across cultures, ages and time.

In Greek mythology, trust is the basis of Psyche and Eros’s love story.

A mortal woman, Psyche was considered even more beautiful than Aphrodite, who ordered her son Eros to use one of his arrows to make Psyche fall in love with the most vile creature walking the earth.

Eros instead fell in love with Psyche and, following the advice of the oracle, Psyche was whisked away to the sky through the gates of a magnificent castle to a man whose face she could not see, but treated her with love.

After being told by her jealous sisters that she could not see her husband as he was the horrible creature the oracle had mentioned, she attempted to see his face under candlelight and Eros awoke when hot oil fell from the candle.

“Love cannot live without trust,” Eros had said, and it’s our philosophy with our timepieces and accessories – you can trust that you will always get a product that you will love.

Eventually, Psyche reunited with Eros and Psyche was made immortal, making their love eternal and mending their broken trust.


Often associated with historic victories, the word ‘glory’ is never far removed from Greek mythology.

Of all the legends, the Trojan war has to be one of the most popular, for good reason.

It was the intelligent cunning of the Trojan horse rather than conventional battle tactics that brought glory in the eventual battle.

Like the Trojan horse, our timepieces and bracelets are meant to be the unexpected path to glory for its wearer, providing armour for every journey you might take as you forge your own legacy.

The appeal of Greek mythology and legend will always be timeless. Each of us already have traits that define us, and for all of the hard-working men and women, we want you to carry this confidence with you on your wrist as you set to achieve everything you put your mind to.

Which Greek legend is your favourite?

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