Ever since World War 1 saw the modification of pocket watches with straps, men’s wristwatches have been in fashion.

As wristwatches have evolved over time to become more resistant to water and dust, with multiple features and a wealth of stylistic choices, even with technological advancements – the wristwatch still remains a staple fashion accessory.

Here are a few reasons why the wristwatch is still a highly coveted and desirable accessory…

A luxurious companion

A luxury timepiece might seem outdated, but one glance at social media will tell you that it is still an absolute staple in accessorising.

Whether the function for the watch is purely aesthetic or practical, the fact remains that luxury watches and luxury lifestyles are usually intertwined because watches are often emblematic of status and wealth.

From James Bond’s Omega Seamaster to John F Kennedy’s Cartier Tank, a luxury watch is usually an accessory that we all take note of the second we catch a glimpse of it on someone’s wrist.

Function and reliability

Though companion smart watches have been on the rise, a classic watch remains reliable due to the robust traditional gears used that don’t rely on frequent charging.

Requiring minimal maintenance, watches are not only built to look incredible, but to be a functional piece that can be built with additional features to suit our needs.

Add in the fact most watches are crafted with daily wear-and-tear in mind, and you’ve got a timepiece that isn’t just optimal, but stylish, too.

Adaptable to our personal style

From the minimalist, elegant pieces to the ultra-customised pieces, there is a wristwatch out there for every taste.

The best watches reflect personal style, with quality craftsmanship cultivating a sense of luxury, empowerment and style.

Many watches are designed with different professions in mind to adapt their functionality for optimum performance.

At Zeus Luxury, our core vision is to create timepieces that emulate the legacy of Greece, bringing a sense of power and confidence with a piece that is rich in heritage.

Longevity and legacy

All great wristwatches are built to last a lifetime and longer.

It’s the reason why watches are often passed down through generations as heirlooms – there is nothing more symbolic than passing down a representation of the time we’ve spent in our lives to a loved one.

Since each watch will be unique to the wearer and in craftsmanship, it will continue being distinctive and representative of our traits and personal style.

Zeus Luxury was created with the belief that timepieces and accessories are a reflection of you, which is why we aimed to represent the power and strength of the Greek Gods and Goddesses in our pieces, so that you can emulate their traits every time you wear one – forging your own legacy.

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